There are several ways you can help improve the python3-discogs-client library.


Submit changes to the code or the documentation by forking our repo and submitting a pull-request to the master branch. If you are unsure about anything or have questions, please add a post in in the Ideas section of Discussions.

Testing an unreleased feature

Sometimes you might want to use a feature that has not been released yet, such as a pull request that needs to be tested.

You can install from a development branch like this:

pip install -e git+

Or temporarily write this into your requirements.txt:

-e git+

And then re-install all the dependent packages using the file as the input source:

pip install -r requirements.txt --update

Writing Documentation

You can help keep the documentation current by editing or adding new pages to the documentation. Please see the Writing Documentation page for more information on how to clone the repository, edit the documentation, and build the documentation.